About Us

Vagabond Balloons was re-born out of a decades long family tradition of ballooning across the country.  Pilot, Jeff Spear, grew up admiring his Aunt Roberta “Bobbie” and her adventures as a balloonist.  For 30+ years Aunt Bobbie operated one of Washington’s premier balloon companies in  Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue.  Her accomplishments are many, including being the first woman to fly a balloon over Washington’s Cascade mountain range, participating in the Christopher Columbus Rediscover America Balloon Quest traveling from Washington to Florida and flying with Russian Cosmonauts.  The torch, or shall we say burner, has been passed and Jeff and Vagabond Balloons is pleased to carry on the tradition of this great adventure.


Meet our Pilot: Jeff Spear

Jeff has always had a love for aviation, and entertaining others; ballooning was a natural next step to combine his talents. As a fixed wing and commercial balloon pilot it’s difficult to keep him on the ground.

What he loves most about ballooning:

Each day and each flight is a new adventure. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing their joy as they rediscover the area from a whole new perspective.


Meet our Crew Chief: Becky Spear

Becky grew up admiring the balloons of Napa Valley, believing seeing a hot air balloon in the morning would bring good luck for the day. Now, every day with Vagabond Balloons is a “good luck day.” In addition to Crew Chief, Becky is an Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner.

What she loves most about ballooning:

Seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of passengers. “Balloons are magnificent and beautiful. I get excited each time we inflate and as I watch the balloon drift off.”